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Propolis is a resinous substance obtained by bees through the harvesting of the resins of the flora of its region, this substance is modified by the action of the enzymes contained in their saliva. The color, flavor and aroma of propolis varies according to its botanical origin.

The word “propolis” comes from the Greek: [“pro”= In favor of] + [“polis”= City], That means, for good, in defense of the city, in this case, in defense of the hive.

The difference between the types of propolis is linked to its botanical origin and species of bee that produces it.

The Green propolis from Brazil is associated with plant Baccharis dracunculifolia, also known as Rosemary-of-field.

She is a powerful natural antibiotic and is used more frequently in the prevention and treatment of wounds and infections of the mouth, as well as antibiotic and healing, Recent researches indicate the efficient action of some of its active compounds with immunostimulant and antitumor action.

Apiario Sol´s hives are located in a privileged region, where the native vegetation is the Rosemary field, recognized as the best plant for the production of green propolis, due to its properties and substances.

The company works with the entire range of propolis, of superior quality (Extra Green, Super Green, Green and Brown propolis, in addition, Apiário Sol produces and commercializes the extract and spray of propolis in the domestic market.

Harvest period: October to June